Revolutionize Your Recycling

Leverage AI-powered cameras in your sorting facility to enhance recovery efficiency, automate reporting and reduce costs in under 30 days.

Let’s boost your bottom line.

Dragonfly App

Effortless. User-friendly. 

Dragonfly is an intuitive app that seamlessly integrates Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence into your sorting line, enabling real-time analytics. 

Accurately detect, count, and classify materials to achieve a higher recovery of recyclable materials.

Why Use Dragonfly

Did you know that the Dragonfly (Anisoptera) ranks highest in the animal kingdom for motion detection?

With extensive training on over half a million images, Dragonfly can facilitate real-time detection of 20+ recyclable material classes. Analyse the quantity of material being recovered on a minute-by-minute basis to make intelligent decisions and boost profits in under 30 days.

Boost Bottom Line

Reduce costs and increase revenue by optimizing your facility’s machines and human sorters.

Automate Reporting

KPIs & material recovery data can be accessed by downloading comprehensive daily reports.

Increase sellable materials

Capture more recyclable materials by leveraging real-time data to enhance sorting efficiency.

Plug and Play.
Minimal Cost.


Effortless Integration:
Our installation team will setup cameras in your facillity in under 10 days. 

Effortless Integration:
No effort or expertize require from your team.
Profit-Boosting Insights:                  
Minimal monthly SaaS fee that is a fraction of the cost of large-scale solutions.

100% money-back guarantee.

Customer-Centric Service:    
Hands-on support by our team of professionals. 

How Our Customers Harness Dragonfly

We are trusted by some of the largest Materials Recovery Facilities worldwide.

Intuitive App

Our user-friendly app empowers your team to utilize the full potential of Artificial Intelligence without prior expertise. 

Comprehensive reports are effortlessly generated from both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Classify With Accuracy

Gain valuable insights into your sorting line by accurately detecting, counting and classifying 20+ recyclable materials, distinguished between Incoming and Tailings. 

By utilizing this data, our customers have experienced a reduction in tailings of up to 50%. 

Drill Down Your Data

Tailor your data analysis to suit your requirements and examine the quantity of recovered materials on a minute-by-minute basis. 

Our customers leverage this information to enhance recovery rates, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Recycling?

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Don’t lag behind. Embrace the AI revolution. 

Anisoptera using mobile

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